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As a general contracting and construction management company operating throughout Quebec and parts of Ontario, we specialize in the turnkey and design-build construction of industrial, institutional, commercial and residential buildings. From the conception stage, we gain an understanding of our client’s needs in order to develop cost effective building solutions. This process is the driving force to our continued success; efficiently bringing a project to completion while building lasting impressions. These client relationships have proven to be an effective formula for success, through countless referrals.

Thanks to our years of experience, we provide tremendous expertise to all of our contracting endeavours. By using the traditional principles of quality and integrity we are able to collaborate, build relationships and ultimately exceed expectations. We maintain the highest levels of professionalism and fairness among our suppliers, subcontractors, associates and customers alike. We look forward to building your next construction venture.

Past, Present and Future:

Since its’ establishment we have upheld an exceptional standard throughout the years. In an industry filled with innovation, we honour the foundation in which our business was built and celebrate our progression and our future. We are composed of an enthusiastic and accomplished team, who provide proficiency in a multifaceted construction environment. As a new generation and chapter emerge, we look forward to flourishing as an extension of our founders and their values. We respect their tenacity, patience, quality of work, and look forward to maintaining controlled growth and a sense of tradition.